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Image comparison program

his program would devise some method of generating a reasonably unique fingerprint of a given image and then with a comparison of either new or existing fingerprints be able to identify likely duplicates. These duplicates could then deleted after visual inspection. For reasonably large collection of digital images, my target would be no more than 5% of all duplicates identified would be false matches. After the elimination of the duplicates, I would like for it to create a database of all images, their locations, characteristics and provide a way of classifying the content.

There are several free and commercial programs that do much of the image comparisons. I may end up utilizing one that does this with an Access database and then adding the remaining capability to the database.

Basic Web Crawler

his would be a web crawler that would be able to gather information in an automated fashion and enter this information into a database for other uses. While I have a few ideas for uses of this information, I do not yet want to describe those plans fully.
Information gathered would include total display characters, dimensions of images displayed, quantity of images, links contained on the page and whether those links are within the site or to external destinations.
I envision that the process would be recursive and controllable in how many links deep the crawler would go, whether to go outside the initial target site and whether to gather the information in concentric rings or whether it will follow each branch of the tree.

Email proxy

This program would reside on a
windows computer and would pass-thru POP3 email connections. It
would add value by acting as an email filter. I intend to add the
capability to scan incoming and outgoing messages. All incoming
messages would be scanned for certain criteria and according to the
rules contained in an interior database do one of 3 actions:

  1. Delete the message so that the email client never sees it.

  2. Passes the email through untouched.

  3. Passes the email through after adding specific information
    either into the email headers or into the body itself.

The database of rules and associated actions would be populated
by the examination of outgoing email. These email would be scanned
for certain keywords. These keywords would indicate that the email
should be handled by the proxy program. Without a keyword the email
would be passed through to the outgoing server.

With a keyword, the proxy server would parse the email to
determine what sort of new rule and action should be added to the

I foresee that when combined with a email hosting service with a
dedicated domain name that this program would also be able to
generate one-time email address for use in various website
registrations. I want to do this to be able to track who is selling
my email address to spammers and also to be able to rapidly abandon
an email address.

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