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August 26, 2003

Kissing Jessica Stein

I watched a recording of Kissing Jessica Stein. We had previously seen it in the theater and I was excited to get to see it again. The movie tells the story of a nice, funny, attractive single woman, who in the midst of a dating slump where she can’t seem to meet the right guy, starts a relationship with another woman. The movie is both funny and sweet in its depiction of someone who is looking for someone they can form a deep relationship with. The fact that the title character falls for another woman even though she is not really gay, is an interesting twist on the romantic comedy formula. The struggles that she faces as people notice that she seems to be very happy from being in a relationship, without revealing that it is a gay one is the source of much of the dramatic tension for the movie. I won’t give away how the movie ends, but I thought that it was ultimately realistic. If you enjoy a romantic comedy and don’t mind the lesbian twist this film takes, I think you will thoroughly enjoy it. On my scale of 1-100, I rate it an 86.

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Posted by tmichael at August 26, 2003 01:56 PM