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June 14, 2003

The Affair of the Necklace

We recently watched the pre-French Revolution period piece, The Affair of the Necklace. I’m not sure why I had high expectations for this film, but I came away from my viewing disappointed. The costumes and sets were fine. The plot wasn’t bad. The acting was good if not great. Ultimately, the movie was a bit of a let down.

The story revolves around a woman whose parents died as a result of their support for the common folk who were questioning the reign of France’s aristocrats, leaving her orphaned as a child. As a young lady she attempts to retrieve her station in life. When these efforts are rebuffed, she decides to get involved in a scheme to blackmail her way to fortune.

The film claims the story is based on real events. The film makes it seem as if these ridiculously minor events were responsible for the French Revolution, but at most they most likely were only a symptom of the breakdown of aristocratic society.

My final disappointment with the film was that I was more interested in the portrayal of Marie Antoinette, than of any of the main characters. I guess that leads to the conclusion that the creators of the film decided to focus on the wrong story.

On my scale of 1-100, I rate this a 65.

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Posted by tmichael at June 14, 2003 09:49 PM