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June 06, 2003


We just watched a recording of the Woody Allen film Celebrity. As is typical of most of Allen's work in the 90's this wasn't great. The only redeeming feature of the film is that it stars Kenneth Branagh. Branagh is one on my favorite actors. Sadly this film is so heavy-handed that it crushes the ability of several fine actors.

Woody Allen's take on celebrity, how it is obtained, its value, and what people will do to maintain it, isn't very insightful. I think that you could learn as much about celebrity by examining Allen's own history.

I guess I have seen worse movies, but unless you are a completist for Allen films or the acting of any of the actors, there are many other movies more deserving of your time. On my scale of 1-100, I rate this a 50.

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Posted by tmichael at June 6, 2003 12:34 PM