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February 02, 2003

Shallow Hal

We watched a recording of Shallow Hal. I like many critics like that the Farrelly brothers who wrote and directed this movie make you question understand that misapplied political correctness is very condescending to those that it is “protecting”. They do this by treating all of their characters as equal.

Of course, given their comic sensibilities, this means equally able to be made fun of. The key is that no one character is more likely to be mocked than any other. The result is surprisingly evenhanded.

This story of a man, who, after a chance encounter with a new age guru, begins to perceive women’s physical appearance as a reflection of their character, is funny and nice. I liked that in the end he really did learn to value people for who they are. The interesting thing is that as viewers we are given the superficial appearance view and I think most will agree that physical appearance is hard to ignore, especially in members of the opposite sex.

This was a decent comedy that brings up some good points. I rate it an 84 on my scale of 1-100.

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Posted by tmichael at February 2, 2003 03:30 PM