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June 08, 2002


Went to see THE SUM OF ALL FEARS at the theater. This movie was mildly entertaining while viewing. If you enjoy spy movies, then you won't find it a waste of time, but you also won't put it into your top ten list.

Personally, as an avid reader of Tom Clancy's books, I had the most fun imagining how thouroughly this movie destroys the timeline that runs through the books. All of the previous movies actually made some attempt to stick to the timeline. It was also interesting to see Alec Baldwin who became Harrison Ford is now Ben Affleck. Also to see that James Earl Jones is now Morgan Freeman, and William Dafoe is now Lieb Schrieber.

If you are very sensitive to scenes of destruction after Sept. 11th, I would recommend skipping this movie. With that in mind, I was disappointed with the special effects. I had seen warnings similar to my own, that lead me to believe that I was going to see very intense scenes of destruction. If you have seen a trailer, then I think you have seen almost 40% of the scenes so you may also be underwhelmed.

On my scale from 1-100, I give the movie a go see it if you want to see a movie and nothing better is showing rating of 69.

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Posted by tmichael at June 8, 2002 09:52 PM