Just a matter of balance

I thought this Bad Day series of photos was interesting, though I am not sure if the last one isn't fake.

Yeti and Penguin

Here are more penguin games YETI SPORTS by chris hilgert powered by edelweiss medienwerkst.at. This appears to be the source of the pengiun baseball I linked to earlier.

Baby Names

Ever wondered about Popular baby names
? Check it out and see where you fall.

Well Done funny flash animation

A newsletter I subscribe to sent a link to this Bug this guy with your cursor.

Very cool use of flash animation.

Source of Dialect Data

If you took the quiz, go to the Dialect Survey Results to see many other dialect differences.

You sound like you're from...

Take the Yankee or Dixie quiz and learn where your pronunciation makes you sound like you are from.

Penguin Ball

My brother sent me a link to an addictive little web game at smack the pingu!!! (Yes i ripped it). In it you control a Yeti that is hitting a penguin like a baseball for distance.

Seems it is a new internet phenomenom. I found that it is also at smack the pingu!!!. I wonder where it originated?

My longest distances are 490 in the air and 588.3 with a skipping penguin.

Top X Lists

Go to (((oooo))) Fimoculous.com: Feeding Time for as complete a list of top lists of the year as you are likely to find.

I enjoyed reviewing many of them.

Interesting Airplane Insight

While browsing the web, I found a link to Watch World War II Aircraft Videos Live On Line at the Zenoplex.

I have always been fascinated by WWII aircraft. It is cool to see some of the details that the pilots had to know to fly them.

Great Architectural Photographs

A good friend of mine has a subsection of the Smithsonian's website devoted to a series of pages she created using photographs she took of the old Patent Office building that is being restored. Please take some time to go see Amy Boles' pictures of "A Different Light".